Michael Moore

I just started watching his Documentary on the U.S. Health system. I'm glad I'm Australian. There's a lot of bias in any Doco, but I think that a health system that only covers the insured is flawed.

I'm fairly Left wing in my views on society. I think the mark of a Nation is how it treats those of its citizens who can't get to a good standard by their own means - disabled, children, unemployed etc etc. I'm glad that in Australia, we have Medicare - Federally funded Health Care. Sure, it's not entirely awesome and overfunded - The surgeon is usually the Apprentice and you've probably had to wait for it longer than you wanted, but if you want the top Doctor and the surgery done _yesterday_ there's a privately run system, which you can pay for in cash or have insurance.

I've got some pre-existing conditions, but I've still got insurance. I can insure my wife and children, too (actually, it's insure the wife and the kids are insured free) and that covers glasses, teeth, physiotherapy, chiropractice (is that the right word?)

Anyway. Australia, Australia we love you, AMEN!

I think i'll watch the rest of the Doco tomorrow. Please excuse the rant, I'm tired. I've got a fair bit of housesitting to do, too. A mate of Dad's is going to America for 5 weeks, so I'm his business' Tech guru and man about town. Also, Don, Pat and Deb are going to Egypt - I'll stay with Andrew and we'll hang out and I won't have to drive 12 miles into work every morning.

Good day, really

I took my Raleigh out for a spin - [IMG][/IMG] - just a 4 mile jaunt, but still. I'm so Old School.

Then, while I was home this arvo, Little Kristy came over and we hung out.

And to top it all off, Michelle is back in Australia. Michelle is one of the old Uni gang. Meeting people while you're young is good. Everyone's got their whole life ahead of them, kind of like kindergarten, but with Beer on tap.

Stop, please... Can I just rest for a tick?

So much going on. Thank goodness for a quiet week at work (at the moment)

James is looking at joining the Bendigo Car Club - getting a car, doing Autocross, Khanacross, Motorkhana, rallies etc. We'll see how that goes. I'll act as financial advisor, technical consultant and conscience. So we went out to the night meeting on Saturday night.

That was a laugh - some crapboxes kicking up tonnes of dust - James and I stood out and marshalled on one section. That led me to the belief that the place is understaffed. We had no idea, and we got no relief.

Was meant to go out for lunch/birthday party for Megan and Maeci (Mother and daughter - I went to high school with Megan) I kinda flipped out and didn't want to be there, so I went and mowed the lawn. Meditation and catharsis courtesy of Briggs and Stratton.

Just having a quiet Sunday, really. Trying to shake a cough, which probably wasn't helped by Saturday night outside at the Car Club. Or Thursday night spent playing Trivial Pursuit in the company of smokers. I coughed so hard I saw spots. So I went home.

Everything's in a holding pattern, but that's okay.

Wow... busybusy

Things are just moving too fast at the moment.

I've been flatout lately. Went down to Melbourne last weekend, saw a band with my sister, and spent all weekend on trains to visit a mate. I hate big cities. I like my city of about 100,000. It's only 15 minutes one end to the other, and has corners with their own identity.

This weekend I'm off to learn how to ride a motorbike. James (he grew out of Flash) just bought a motorbike. It's 150cc and a dirtbike. Under 100 km since new, and he paid less than a grand for it. Good deal methinks.

But it's going to eat my weekend. I might get a day to do bugger all before I turn 30, but I doubt it.

Songs, the placeholders in my life.

The other day I blogged about being a song-snob. I'm back on songs and stuff again.

Last night, I went to see The Whitlams (Australian band, big in the late 90's) and they played the album that made them famous, start to finish. I was standing near a girl all night, and every song reminded her of someone, and to me, it was someone different.

I nearly lost it when a couple of songs came on. Anyone who listens to it now, who wasn't there with me when all these people came into and left my life... just wouldn't get it.

The worst nightmares are the ones you're not even asleep for.

Well, that was just wrong. I was half asleep, and got to thinking and dreaming and such. Anyway, little miss 9 (should stop saying little, she's only an inch shorter than me) and I were cooking dinner. I told her to do something with the microwave and BANG! there was an explosion and she's got plastic shards through her. It was a bit like the scene in Under Siege when Steven Seagal blows up the kitchen.

It was not cool, there were arguments, hysterics... But I was calm. It was surreal. My answers dealt with the immediate problems, not the how and why and who's at fault. I kept saying we can deal with all of that later, let's just get to the Hospital.

I didn't want to play that scenario anymore, so I've dragged myself out of bed. I'll have another go at getting to sleep now. It'll be Friday in a couple of minutes, that'll be better.

I'm a very strange fellow, sometimes.

Anything taken to the extreme end of its ideal is just nuts, unless you're there already.

Some people believe that there is one person who is your "soul mate" and spend their entire life searching for that person. As a result, they're going to spend their entire life alone, because nobody is good enough - a euphemism for "I'm not prepared to put in any effort to fit my life around this person" That's not my point, that's just me being cynical.

Some people spend their life looking for the right wine to go with a meal. They can debate the subtleties of a Napa Valley Shiraz rather than a Pinot Grigio from Naples. It's just Grape juice people, come on! But I'm closer to my point.

The other day, I realised I'm a song snob. There is a song for every situation. Sometimes, more than one, but one will usually rise above as totally adequate. Long road trips need The Eagles, Pink Floyd, or whatever - but there's always ONE song that suits that car, day, mood, road and everything. That's my schtick. I'm looking for that song for the time and mood in my life.

I remember one night, about to hit highway speed and off to somewhere. Dark, rainy, cold, heater on flat out, and on comes Pink Floyd's "Learn to Fly" up into top gear and the world and everything in it just lined up. I miss those times, those adventures. I'm moving to Dubai, petrol at 15 cents a litre... I'm paying a buck twenty. Nearly five bucks a gallon, for those who don't work in base ten.

Just saved myself $125!

Okay, it's a bit of a cheap fix, but it's fixed.

The car decided to have a hissyfit, and stop the windscreen wipers at 45 degrees instead of flat against the bonnet. This sucks, especially since we're now in winter. So, I took the motor off and readjusted the blades, and in doing so, lost a rubber grommet.

Toyota decided that they could help me only by selling a complete motor for $130. I wasn't really into that idea, so I trotted off to the Auto Parts store. Grommets, in a 2 pack, $4.50.

I win.